Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Fifth Season

We have had such a mild winter here in Southern Indiana. I’m sure the animals are just as happy about it as I am. On the day of our “biggest snow” I took a few random pictures around the farm. The snow is pretty especially around the horses area, it helps cover up the winter mud. I’m sure you’re all aware of the extra season we have here in the Midwest. It’s known as “Mud Season.” It came much earlier this year; usually it’s here in late February through early April. Mud season is the extra bonus we get when the ground does not stay frozen and is thick with moisture. My daughter’s Arabian horse, Amira, is a delicate princess who does not like her hoofs to touch any unclean surface. She is quite the jumper and has landed Lily in front of the saddle horn on the trail when she wanted to avoid a puddle. A western trail saddle is not the saddle of choice for jumping. There’s something about a saddle horn in the stomach that’s not fun for a ten year old little girl. But Lily loves her horse and has won several ribbons with her in our local 4H show.
The light dusting of snow is also beautiful on the winter berries and garden statue which are found in the gardens of our family’s farm.
I hope you are having a wonderful winter (or mud) season wherever you might be.

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