Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Preparing for Spring

Each spring the greenhouses are completely bursting open with plants. As soon as you take one step inside the door your senses are hit from all sides. My favorite is the smell of dirt mixed with the scent of various flowers and herbs. As you walk along the rows of herbs, it’s nice to gently brush your hand across the tops causing their scent to linger in the damp air. I also love to be in the greenhouses on a cool, sunny day. When the sun peeks out from behind the clouds the greenhouses warm up so quickly, you will soon forget its still winter outside. But probably my favorite part about the greenhouses in spring is the sight of the beautiful plants stretching from one end of the building to the other. Every table is full of baby plants just waiting to be taken home and enjoyed. Ahhh…I can’t wait for spring to “spring!”
Until that glorious day arrives we are working to prepare for the babies. The greenhouses have to be cleared out, tables removed, and new ground cover put down.

I say “we” here as if I actually had something to do with this huge, messy, hard job. I was really more of a spectator. These “manly” jobs are left for Greg, Dad and Ed.
The next step that we, or should I admit Greg and Ed, did was to fill hundreds, thousands, millions, gazillions…of pots. Now the babies will have a place to live when they are ready to leave their seedling trays.

Here’s a picture of Ed showing his “manly” skills. Ed is truly the nicest man you could ever hope to meet. Our family is so appreciative of all the things he does around the farm. 

Soon it will be time to transplant the babies and the greenhouses will again start to burst open with tables full of plants. In the mean time we will finish the winter work and prepare for spring. But I wanted to leave you with a little blessing I found. This beautiful rose was blooming in the cold frame greenhouse. I took this photograph on the same day as all the others. It was quietly surviving without heat, tucked away in the back, waiting for me to see it and share it with you.

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  1. Thanks for creating a blog! How wonderful I can keep up with the farm when I am not there attending classes. I enjoy the classes, the food and the environment. Such a beautiful relaxing and inviting place. I now work on Saturdays and I miss attending many of the classes I would like to attend. :( but every once in a while I get there!